Our People

Our team of registered and qualified Survey Managers, Surveyors, Data Managers, Surveying Assistants and Machine Control Specialists are highly competent in the civil construction industry. They have a strong understanding of the construction process from inception to commissioning.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and support from technical and administration resources, our team members have proven skills in working with design and construction plans. Our team goes further and helps with problem solving on site, while working with other  contractors on site to deliver projects.

We provide one point of contact to ensure your projects run smoothly and:

  • the flow of design information used by the surveyors is available, current and correct
  • survey resources on site are managed most cost effectively
  • the survey team and management teams are supported with spatial requirements on any part of the project
  • we can quickly adapt 3D dimensional modelling to changes in project scope or changes to critical path components
  • safety is emphasised through every aspect of a project
  • we can coordinate with approval authorities and other industry professionals to provide spatial services that are cost effective and sustainable.

Through our integrated approach to capture, manage and deliver spatial data, we work closely with the engineering and production workforce at all times to ensure successful delivery for our clients.