About Us

When precision matters – do it right. Do it once.

Established in 2007 EXEGEN is today one of the most experienced  specialist construction, engineering, mining and marine infrastructure survey consulting firms on the east coast of Australia.

Our approach is to deliver accurate, holistic and simple survey solutions throughout the project lifecycle.

EXEGEN’s solutions have been implemented for roads, bulk and detailed earthworks, bridge and ferry structures, camp accommodation construction, rail, services installations and mine infrastructure.

Project and stakeholder knowledge beyond spatial

We have worked on some of Australia’s most complex greenfield and brownfield sites, giving us the knowledge and understanding beyond spatial requirements, including those that have:

  • intense government and community interest
  • multi-faceted requirements including site establishment through to site rehabilitation
  • transport linkages and utility connections
  • strict legislative requirements and construction standards

Proactive risk management

We understand that design information that is incomplete or inaccurate can potentially lead to inefficiency on site, causing delays and errors and adding extra time and cost to your project.

Your project team can be confident that we will provide accurate and timely service  forecasting your survey requirements and reducing any costly production delays or errors. This is achieved through EXEGEN’s surveying standards, quality processes, technology and understanding of project-specific methodologies.

Our service also includes supporting project requirements with design files and assisting plant operators by troubleshooting system faults and providing the important link between equipment suppliers and  site requirements.